Adrenal Exhaustion & Rejuvenation

My latest learning experience has been around my shot adrenals, from decades of stress. It turns out that the thyroid/adrenal connection, mentioned on the Iodoral page, goes MUCH deeper than I thought, and in fact, many of the symptoms are the same for both!! What had to happen for me to pay attention was, being so exhausted I couldn't get up or do anything for more than about 10 minutes. After Willie died, I kept it together for 6 months or so, and then the bottom fell out. I forgot which way was up. In May, 2008, I was finished.

I have a good diet, avoid junk, take supplements, exercise (not enough), drink water, meditate, practice EFT. I had already handled the iodine issue with Iodoral. Why did I collapse? Long time friend and mentor Dr. William Schlee, DC, listened to my symptoms and said, I think your adrenals are shot.

A fundamental part of the solution is in my outlook. At first, when I learned how the cow ate the cabbage, I was annoyed and sought for a natural method that would allow me to go back to operating at full bore, doing way too much and running myself into the ground. I guess that is a typical "Type A" reaction ~ "Well, fix me so I can continue." Hah!! It seems funny writing it that way, but that really was my first response (which I quickly suppressed and had to dig for later with EFT, to expose it to myself). So that was the first thing I had to shift. I had to rethink my whole approach to my life. I suspected that my "use myself up" operating style had to change to one called "Respect my limitations". I also had to get off my self-assigned task to fix the world and everybody in it, preferably by yesterday. I think they call that "Acceptance". I thought I had given up managing the Universe, but the habit crept up again, the pesky critter.... I need a sign that says, "Dear Nancy, This is the Universe. I am self-intelligent and will be running myself today. I will not be needing your help."

For me, the conventional medical approach just doesn't work. Those of you who have read some of my extremist writings know how passionate I am about just how much it doesn't work. So seeking answers there wasn't even an option. What pills do doctors throw at a person with exhausted adrenals anyway, if they even diagnose it correctly? "Get rest, eat a good diet." or, "Take these stimulants to give you more energy," or (if you won't stop talking about something being wrong), "Your blood tests are all normal, so I'm sending you to my good friend Dr. Shrink, who has some nice shut-up pills you may enjoy."

In April, 2009, after about a year languishing in the recliner I found the brilliant Dr. Terence Young, MD, in Salem, Oregon. He introduced me to the concept of starting at the cell wall. I was familiar with eliminating the cause, but had never approached the problem from so fine a level. Here is an article he gave me about Phosphatidylcholine, very fascinating. Dr. Young put me on a program of supplements and IV's which has gradually been restoring my adrenals.

In June, 2009, I learned about Liposomal Encapsulation and began using the LivOn Labs Lypho-Spheric Vitamin C and also Glutathione. Read more about them here.

I like to keep things as simple as possible, so my adrenal program makes use of just a few things (mostly guided by Dr. Young):
Lots of sleep
Adrenal Cortex by Nutricology
PC capsules and Folinic Acid by BodyBio
the liposomals mentioned above (to replace the IV's) (more affordable)
carefully monitoring stress levels and my attitude with meditation and EFT

Now, in April, 2010, I still have work to do, need more exercise, but all in all I am pleased with my progress. I posted this page in response to numerous requests by other exhausted people. Want to talk it over? Email me.

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Page revised 4-6-2010