Do Your Colon a Favor ~ Give it a Bath!!
A Colon Cleansing Protocol for the 21st Century

by Nancy Adams, LMT

There has been a lot written about Colon Cleansing. I have also written about it. Here are the basics.

Your colon is not a hose. It is a living organ that has specific functions in the body, of absorbing water and some minerals, as well as moving waste out of the body in a timely manner. Every part of the colon has its work to do, including the appendix, which lubricates the chyme as it enters the colon through the ileocecal valve, and also produces, in healthy state, a powerful germicidal fluid, according to Dr. Norman Walker, who started to study the colon when he was 40 and then proceeded to live to be 120, on raw juices, exercise, and periodic colonics. He wrote a bunch of books all of which I recommend.

Your colon is like a little separate entity in your body, and the same way you operate your colon, you will operate your life. What doesn't work in life often shows up in the colon. Even the way we talk about really annoying people expresses this fact: We say that he or she is a "pain in the ass."

Anyway, I've been a colon therapist since 1984. I've studied colon physiology and also some pathology. I've seen some things coming out during colonics that look like big grains of hominy, either yellow or black, with a bunch of little legs. I saw hundreds of them when I used to do the colonics at my office in West Palm Beach for the Hippocrates Institute there in 1988. I went to the University of Miami Medical School library once and looked up a Gastroenterology textbook to see if I could find a picture of them. Lo and behold, I did, and guess what they're called? CARCENOID TUMORS!! Oh, my goodness! People kept saying, hey, I didn't eat anything that looked like that! What is it? When I told them what the book said it was, they were shocked. "Better out than in," I said, and reinforced the raw juices, raw foods, and wheatgrass theme so successfully used at Hippocrates.

Over the years I've developed programs for cleansing, to assist people who wanted to get "clean on the inside". My basic cleanse consists of a juice fast for 3 days and several colonics, along with use of psyllium fiber and lots of water.

However, I feel it is time for a more vigorous approach. The numbers of pollutants and the stress of life have increased since I wrote my first protocol. In addition, my understanding of cleansing has continued to unfold. I've found several new supplements that are making a big difference to me, and they are included in the list of things I suggest for use during and after your cleansing.

One of the things that I have come to understand is that most people have parasites in one form or another, and most of them are microscopic. They hide under the impacted layers of dried up mucus on your colon wall. Hookworms, for example, imbed their little teeth into the intestinal wall and just stay there, sucking a tiny amount of blood all the time. Yum! They literally eat your lunch, and leave behind their own fecal matter and debris, adding to the toxic load the colon (and liver!) may already be carrying. This can really make you sick (if reading all that didn't already).

I feel strongly that any colon cleansing program that focuses solely upon removing impacted, dried out, and toxic waste from the colon and ignores the parasites can not give us the complete results that we are looking for, and may even make the parasite problem worse, since the food available is now nice and fresh. Ugh!!

I've changed this page quite a bit. I have come to feel that it is inefficient to try to clean out the colon by putting more stuff IN! So that is kept to a minimum.

Colon-Cleansing Protocol

Please note, this protocol is intended for use by those in reasonable health who just want to clean up. If you are sick or under the care of a doctor, please contact me to discuss your specific needs. I am willing to coach you, but we may need to modify the program for you somewhat, depending on your condition.

1. Washing
    Enemas - daily at home. "Fountain Syringe" from
    Colonics - 1 before program
               1 at end of Week One
               3 in a row during Week Two
    OR       5 in a row during Week Two
    OR use Ultimate Board DAILY throughout

    Use plain water, or dissolve a little salt or epsom salts. NO SOAP!!
    Correctly designed 5 1/8" x 5/8" enema tip $5 postpaid


2. Diet
    Do a short juice fast before starting this program. Short means 1, 2, or 3 days. If you've never done it before, start with one day.
    Eat lots of vegies during your program and cut down on greasy, fried foods, meat, sweets and caffiene. I know, those are all your addictions. Well, you wanted to clean out, didn't you? So just go with the program. You can stand it for two weeks. You might find those "foods" taste less appealing after doing this program.
    Add some enzyme-rich foods to your diet, such as Kombucha, Kim Chee (easy to make at home), Kefir (ditto), Rejuvelac (ditto), homemade sauerkraut WITHOUT bisulfite, or Natto (a Japanese soybean preparation that is loved by some and hated by others).

3. Bulk-Former (also known as Fiber)
    Go and get some Psyllium Fiber at the store. Stir 1 rounded teaspoonful into 8 oz of juice or water and drink. Follow this with another glass of water or juice. IMPORTANT!! If you don't take enough liquid with the bulk-former, it will turn into glue and make your problem worse. What this does is help to hydrate that stuff you're carrying around (that mucus layer under which worms can hide and breed), grab it, stick to it, and hustle it right on OUT of the body! Do this in the morning, an hour after your parasite stuff and an hour before your meal and other supplements. The reason for the wait is that you don't want your supplements to get stuck in the bulk-former and be unable to work. Do it again at bedtime. You should discontinue daily use after the program as it interferes with friendly gut flora over time. By this time you should be eating plenty of fiber in the form of raw vegies. Note: There is NO fiber in any animal product!

4. Probiotics

    Everyone is low on friendly gut flora. A healthy flora has many beneficial actions in the body. Floracor-GI is my dream probiotic AND enzyme blend, colon cleanse and Candida yeast cleanse. As a colon therapist since 1984, I've searched for this for over 20 years! First probiotic I ever used where I didn't have to take it on faith that it was doing something!   

5. Supplements I use include:

    Standard Process Zymex II, 6 caps on arising until you run out of 2 40-capsule bottles or half of a 150-capsule bottle. Kills parasites.

    Nature's Apothecary "Parasite Formula", 1 cc in 1/4 c water with the Zymex II, on arising. Kills parasites in large numbers. UPDATE: Nature's Apothecary sold out to NOW Foods, which then immediately stopped producing the Parasite Formula, which contained 8 herbs, and replaced it with their own version containing only 3 ingredients. Bah!! Take a look at "Para 90", which has 16 herbs and comes in capsules.

    Standard Process Zypan, 2 tabs 3 times a day with meals. Helps digest and break down your food.

    Standard Process Okra Pepsin, 2 tabs 3 times a day with meals. Okra Pepsin helps to clean the walls of the small intestine of debris and also helps eliminate dead parasites.  

    Exclzyme, 1-3 caps 3 times a day for 3-4 weeks, then reduce to 3 caps a day. Helps to clean the blood, reduces inflammation and pain, restores enzyme levels in the body, builds up the immune system, removes fibrin from blood, muscle, organ tissues and joints.

    Iodoral, 1 tablet a day, or more to your tolerance. Work up slowly. Restores iodine levels in all tissues of the body including the thyroid, increases energy, eliminates cold hands and feet, improves immune function, and helps to prevent (and reverse!!) fibrocystic breast disease. Iodine is also an anti-fungal.


    Floracor-GI, 3 caps on arising, 3 caps at bedtime. Even though probiotics can't implant in a dirty colon, it is desirable to use this one during the program for its yeast-fighting and cleansing properties.
    Fresh RAW Garlic, 1 clove a day. Worms hate this stuff.

   Cayenne pepper, 1 capsule daily. Worms hate this, too. Or use Dr. A's Jumpin' Juice, recipe here.

    Spirulina powder, start with 1/8 teaspoon a day in a little juice. Build up to 1 teaspoon or more. Spirulina is 70 % protein, 95% available, and contains red pigments and chlorophyll, which help to clean the blood. It is the only vegetable food that contains vitamin B-12. You can substitute chlorella if you are already used to it, but if not, you may like to stick with the spirulina since it has no cell wall and is easier to digest.


A word about Standard Process Labs Products
The late, very great, Royal S. Lee, DDS, who founded Standard Process Labs, felt strongly that these products, formulated so carefully, could be misunderstood by anyone not familiar with his philosophy of treatment. Therefore, it was his wish that they be distributed direct to a client only after consultation about the needs of the individual. The company still adheres to this policy today, and Standard Process formulas are not allowed to be advertised for sale either at retail stores or on the internet, but only through licensed practitioners. I use a lot of their products myself and for my family, in addition to recommending them to clients, and I will do nothing to jeopardize my good standing with this fine company. Accordingly, if you wish to engage a cleanse along the lines of my protocol, which does work, you will need to find a local doctor or other practitioner to work with. Standard Process products can no longer be sold from this site.

Therefore, this page is a professional recommendation, based on 20 years of practice as a colon therapist, offered freely to you. You may print it out and follow it, ask your doctor to get the products for you and supervise you while you follow my protocol. I do offer professional consultations to doctors who would like to learn how to coach people in doing cleansing.

    Let's face it, folks: Good Health can't be bought back once lost, though some repairs are possible. This program is very affordable, compared to the alternatives of drugs, radiation, surgery, humiliation, and loss of function. I feel certain that anyone can get a great benefit from cleansing, no matter what their condition is at the beginning. I have seen major life changes happen from cleansing the system, starting with myself in 1975.

If you are serious about cleansing you may email me or call me to discuss a protocol designed just for you, prices, and coaching during your process.

These are some of the supplements I may recommend during or after a cleanse:

40-capsule bottle Standard Process Zymex II
330-tablet bottle Standard Process Zypan
40-capsule bottle Standard Process Okra Pepsin E3
Various organ supports from Standard Process
90-tablet bottle Iodoral
450-capsule bottle Exclzyme

180-capsule bottle Floracor-GI
Para-90 Parasite Formula
Spirulina Powder
Psyllium Fiber

Nancy Adams, LMT
PO Box 3162
Coos Bay OR 97420


Refund Policy:

Please note that due to the nature of these products, opened bottles are NOT refundable. Only unopened bottles with all seals intact AND that still have at least 6 months remaining until their expiration date, will be accepted for refund. We must be notified BEFORE they are sent back. Shipping is not refundable.

Many people have said to me, "I am better now after doing the homework you gave me, you got me well, etc." I say your body did the healing after YOU did the work and supplied what may have been missing. I don't know everything, and all I did was make suggestions as to what might be tried. I don't focus on disease. My sole focus is on building the health of the bodymind, and the simple suggestions I've developed over the years are tuned to that alone. End of lecture!

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