A Few Words on Health Freedom

Dr. Thomas Szasz, MD, whose work I admire greatly, says on this page that the following quote attributed to Dr. Benjamin Rush, MD, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, is a fake. I am keeping the quote because it expresses MY sentiments. I happen to think that the situation described here is present in America today and many other places throughout the world. Out of this quote came this page, to try to alert people to the idea of taking on their health as a project, rather than leaving it to people who only want to throw pills at them.

----attributed to Benjamin Rush, M.D., War Hero

Please note: the following is my own opinion. It has not, to my knowledge, been reviewed by the FDA. In my opinion we need to return the FDA to its original purpose. It has turned into a goon squad for the drug companies. Did you know that every head of the FDA moves on into top positions in major drug companies?? At least so I have heard.

Of course, I know that medicine has made many advances and presents much knowledge for the prolonging of life, and the repairs available now are amazing. My quarrel is with the attempt to keep the playing field all to themselves for the sake of greed.

If this information is new to you, fine. If it stirs you up and makes you think, all the better. If it makes you mad that I would DARE to question the DOCTOR, perhaps in your fuming you may start to think. In that state you may come across little tidbits like the fact that when the Doctors went on strike in New York some years back, the death rate went DOWN. A LOT!! Then maybe you, too, will start to question what is going on. At some point you may notice that while individual doctors mostly mean well and do care about your welfare, as a group they have (a) an average age at death of about 55, (b) an abysmal record as far as getting anybody well, and (c) if throwing pills or surgery at you doesn't work (which it won't if your problem is nutritional), they will conclude it's all in YOUR head and send you to a shrink (psychiatrists have the highest suicide rate of any profession). They only study disease, and not health. On another page I have put a list of questions you might ask the doctor next time you have a moment alone with him/her. Maybe we can get THEM thinking too, and REALLY upset the applecart!! That would be what my favorite author, Robert Anton Wilson, calls "guerilla ontology" ~ encouraging change by throwing a monkey wrench into someone's thinking.

Once there was a convention of school teachers. One of them said to another, "Do you think the current emergency in public education is caused by ignorance or apathy?" The other replied, "I don't know and I don't care!"

We could substitute the word "health" for "education" and the joke would come out the same, except it wouldn't be quite so funny. The fact is, there is a profound catastrophe just over the horizon as regards the health of people all over the world. It is being hurried along by BOTH ignorance and apathy, as well as a DIS-information (otherwise known as "lies") campaign by Big Pharma. The intended result is suppression of knowledge that would threaten the multi-zillion-dollar medical machine out of control that has the people in a literal death-grip.

The FDA ruthlessly supports this campaign with gangland-style tactics such as were perpetrated upon brilliant health researcher Jonathan Wright, when ski-masked, unidentified FDA goons stormed his office with machine guns, stole his files, trashed the place, and threatened everyone present with death if they moved a muscle in protest. Fortunately, Dr. Wright's integrity was not one of the items they stole, and he just went on using it as he had before.

Well, in case you are feeling bewildered that you seem to have landed on a page where a wide-eyed fanatic is waving her arms and shouting about doomsday, let me reassure you that I'm going to get real positive in just a minute here. If my lead-in threatens your comfortable denial that your health is safe in the hands of your doctor, just click here. This will take you to a more comfy site where the sky is always blue, they are singing a cheery song about how anything can happen in the land of make-believe, and you will not have to think. For real! And they are NOT talking about Quantum Physics!

One warning: once you get to the cheery site, if you decide reality is your dish after all, to get back here you'll have to click your back button not just once but twice! I learned this amusing fact by trying it. The land of make-believe is reluctant to release its grip on us, even on the internet!! LOL

Are they gone? Good. Now the rest of us can get to the topic at hand, which is, responsibility for our Health. I'm actually through waving my arms and shouting about medical dictatorship. Well, almost.

My Background

My departed mother started studying Health in back in 1955 when I was 12 years old. She did this because she had leukemia. She did not tell me she had leukemia at that time, although looking back I remember that she started telling me she wasn't going to be around forever. When I was 50 she told me she had had leukemia. That summer of 1955 she and my stepfather left me with some friends of theirs on a farm and went on vacation. I found out in 1993 that what they were doing was getting a second opinion from a doctor in Canada. My mother politely refused all orthodox treatments and did a whole lot of research. Then suddenly the kitchen was different. Our vegetables arrived in a crate from an organic farm in Southern California. We had raw carrot juice every day. Books like Silent Spring, The Poisons in Your Food, and Body, Mind, and Sugar started appearing around the house.

My mother cured herself of leukemia at the age of 42. I asked her how she did it when she was 81. She said, "By not putting anything in my mouth that I didn't know exactly what was in it and where it came from." She lived to be 88.

That is my early background. I read all the books she brought into the house. In those days you could go to jail for saying that what a person ate had something to do with their health.

My stepfather, a rigid and uncompromising and rather odious man, was yet a tireless freedom fighter when it came to health. He once sent me to my room without dinner for forgetting the word he had taught me at the previous day's dinner table. The word was "non-conformist". I think it was the irony of the situation, punishing me for not conforming to his will and learning the word "non-conformist" that made me remember that word forever. I shared the joke with my mother at the time and she thought it was funny but cautioned me that Larry wouldn't think so. I told her I already knew that.

We started going camping every weekend. On Saturday morning we would get up early and Larry would yell at everyone to hurry up. He took the back seat out of his black 1950 Ford and we piled up the sleeping bags, air mattresses, tarps and clothes for a seat for me. Into the trunk went the plywood and galvanized pipe table he'd made, the camp stove, food, pans, and notebooks. The camping trips ranged all over California. Almost every weekend in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, we visited an organic grower and found out what they were doing. Larry and my mother made up the first compilation of what actually constituted "organic". I think it's amusing that it's now a law in California, because I watched my parents start the whole thing in 1955.

My parents were instrumental in starting the Organic Foods Co-op in Berkeley in the late 50's. It was literally an "underground" food co-op held in someone's basement. They all got together to make the order, my mother ordered all the stuff from suppliers and then they all got together again to break it up and distribute it. When the Co-op Food Stores opened their big Health Food Store on University Avenue in Berkeley, my mother stood in the middle of the store and cried. She said this was what she had in mind when they started that little underground club.

I got into the act by inventing a confection made of ground-up dates, pumpkin seeds, almonds, figs, raisins, sesame tahini all mixed together and made into little balls and rolled in unhulled sesame seeds. I made up a batch of this stuff every week and sold it at the coop. It was a lot of work to grind all that stuff and mix it by hand and I got tired of it. Now I see these energy bars all over the place and smile.

In my 20's I discovered that I was allergic to medications of all kinds. That was when I began my search for harmless alternatives that work. In my 30's I discovered colon cleansing and at 41 I became a colon therapist. In 1985 I went to Florida and got my license for Massage and Colonics, which I still keep active though I live in Oregon now and am licensed here.

I've read many, many books and tried lots of stuff, and I'm still learning. The one thing I've learned above all else is that every single person is different, even though as humans we share certain tendencies. There is no cure-all. The government's blanket statement that we need X milligrams of such nutrient is bunk. Big food conglomerates are putting out non-foods with long shelf life that taste like cardboard and we've forgotten what the real thing even tastes like, unless we grow our own. Oops, there I go again, climbing up on my soap box.

Here are a bunch of links to various stuff I've discovered and am using myself to keep healthy. Perhaps in this collection you'll find something that helps you. I hope so. Check back often, because I'm looking for new stuff all the time, and I have to get permission to post links to others.

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I'd like to acknowledge a friend of mine of 12 years, whose absolute genius in biochemistry has produced a very interesting E-book called Disease-Free Living for Life! I believe the book presents some profoundly important information, and sharing important health info is what this website strives for. He tells me that this will be only the first of several books. I can hardly wait! I'm sorry I can't honor him by including his name, but the information he presents is so subversive to the current medical establishment that he prefers his name not be given out.

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