Healthworks Principles

It is easier (and less costly) to prevent illness than it is to cure it.

I am not a body with a spirit in it; I am a spirit inhabiting a body. This body is loaned to me free to use while I'm in it, and its care is my responsibility.

My Health is more than the care of the body ~ it involves my mind and spirit as well.

Health professionals can teach me much and help me to make informed decisions about my Health, but the ultimate responsibility rests with me.

A lifetime of neglect and abuse of my Health cannot be erased by one massage or one colonic, nor surgically removed, nor drugged away.

Medicine, drugs, and surgery are for repairs. They do NOT build Health. Only healthful living practices produce Health.

If I ignore my Health, it will go away.

Good Health is necessary for vital achievement in any area of my life.

Good Health does not just happen. I have to work for it.

Real Health-building results in feeling better.

Sometimes in the cleansing and rebuilding process I may feel worse for awhile. This is called "retracing" or "healing crisis".

In any type of sudden upheaval the person in better Health will have more stamina to survive.

Just "not being sick" does NOT constitute having Health!

Healthworks Affirmations!

I like myself and I am worth what it costs to build Health.

I am open and willing to learn what I have been doing with my body, mind, and spirit that does not build Health, and I am willing to replace these behaviors with those which do build Health.

I am committed to taking good care of the body loaned to me so that it will last longer and permit me to enjoy life more fully.

I am committed to building dynamic Health because it feels good and I like feeling good.

The payoff from reciting my list of complaints has ceased to satisfy me. I get more pleasure now out of telling others how good I feel.

I am willing to take responsibility for my Health.

And my mother's favorite: I choose to be well.

Do you have a great Health affirmation you'd like to add? Write me to share it. If I post it here I'll give you credit!

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