Nancy's Cheap and Effective Joint Compound

By now we've all heard of taking glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis. And many readers of this site will recall that tape of a talk by Dr. Eli Wallach called "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". On that tape was a terrific few minutes about gelatin, which is granulated cartilage, and joints. Dr. Wallach pointed out that pigs which get arthritis are given gelatin, which rebuilds their cartilage. He cited a study which concluded that this was so in people too.

Apparently, Gelatin has glucosamine and chondroitin in it. Pills cost a lot and besides, I already take more pills than my 92-year-old uncle, Jim Kirwan, in Portland, who calculated that he takes about 10,000 pills a year!!

Since my motto in my practice has always been "Harmless Alternatives That Work and Are Affordable", I thought I would give the gelatin a try, and if it worked for me I'd pass it on. It has helped me quite a bit. Besides which it is a nice warmer-upper on a cold day!!

Here is my method:

Take a glass mug and put water in it. I use a glass mug so I can see the contents. Any plain mug will do, but you do need some kind of lid for it. My lid is from an old candy dish. Add 1 or 2 T plain Knox Gelatin, no need to stir it, and a teaspoon of some kind of broth base. I like the ones by Knorr, available in a 1-lb tub at the wholesale grocer, that have no MSG added. I also add some Jumpin' Juice, an extract of habanero peppers.

Cover the mug and place it on a candle-warmer or coffee-warmer. Mine is 17 watts. Leave it there for about 3 hours, and then stir and enjoy. It may take a couple of weeks or more to see an change in your pain level. In the meantime you're getting a nice little protein drink. If you're in a lot of pain you may like to do this a couple of times a day. There is no overdose. You can also use apple or another 100% juice. Or get creative! And PLEASE drink more water, too!!

If you drink part of it and forget it on the counter, in a hour or so it will gel. Just put it back on the warmer. Or get out your hacksaw.

I don't use the Knox product called Joynt because it is twice the price of plain gelatin, and primarily because it is hydrolized and an MSG relative. I'm allergic to MSG.

Knox Gelatin contains both pork and beef gelatin. If you want plain beef gelatin, it is available from Great Lakes Gelatin. I recommend the 40-mesh granulated type. The powder type won't dissolve for love or money. Guess how I know!! LOL

Gelatin desserts contain less than 1 Tablespoon of gelatin and lots of sugar.

I do not know of a vegetable substitute that will rebuild cartilage. If you do, and it's proven, please write me. I will post.

Thanks for the visit!!

page updated 1-18-2010

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