The Matrix and Matrix Energetics™


August 10, 2007 My friend and correspondent Steve sent me this link to a 4-part article about the film The Matrix. I read the article and made this reply to him.

Dear Steve,

I wonder how many people actually read every word of this marvelous article, so deliciously written.
While I understand the parable, having studied and intensely practiced Christianity from the age of 12 until I became Hindu at about 25, I think there is a deeper parable available here, which is that a conscious being can become aware as well as conscious. The Trinity, the concept of a savior, and even the virgin birth, the whole detail noted here as referring to Christian symbology, are not exclusive to Christian myth. There are details on this in David Icke's book "The Greatest Secret".
From the question portion of the article:
"The Matrix is really just a set of questions, a mechanism for prodding an ignorant or dulled mind into questioning as many things as possible." have to figure out that the Neo with the socket in the back of his head is the real Neo. We then make the journey with him to try and understand how to operate within a world that is purely in his mind. The beauty of the movie is that it takes us almost as long to figure this out as it takes Neo. If The Matrix has engaged our imagination, we spend over two hours with our minds wide open seeking answers to questions we might never have asked. Having survived the experience, we are now freed to question other parts of "reality" that always seemed beyond questioning.
From the answer portion of the article:
Like Neo learning to accept that his world was largely made up, the answer to "What is the Matrix?" is something that cuts to core of your own reality.
I've thought since the film came out that it was about consciousness and provided a primer of sorts. At the time I was literally in a state of wonder that the film was allowed by the "Agents" of THIS world to come out, because it so clearly points the way to identifying and then rejecting consensus reality, which is what we have to do to a, wake up, and b, take hold of the possibilities of change for ourselves and others.
I am now a Matrix Energetics™ Certified Practitioner. "Operating within a world that is purely in my mind", in rapport with a client or situation, is how I do distance healing, and have for 18 years. Since Matrix Energetics, the pinnacle of everything I've ever studied, arrived on my event horizon in February, 2005, I have a new certainty about the work, and a community of people who share a common knowledge. Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Dunn,  my teachers, have delineated for everyone the route, in teachable steps. Where do you go from the pinnacle? You fly off, as Neo does at the end of the film, and do the work.
Thanks for sending this marvelous piece. I am posting a link to it and this letter on my site.
Very warm regards,

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