Our MMS Experience

This is a journal of the early experiences of two people trying MMS, the Miracle Mineral Supplement protocol developed by Jim Humble. Background understanding, if the reader has no idea what's going on here, can be found on Jim's site and Adam Abraham's interesting blog, Thought for Food. The blog is from September, 2007. This writing of mine is an attempt to capture the details of our experience as they unfolded, in the hope that it will help others in their quest for better health and a stronger immune system.

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A little background: Willie, my late husband, was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May, 2007. He refused conventional treatment, which I thought was smart, and then didn't want to do a complete alternative protocol, which I thought was short-sighted, and kept trickling in the poison with smokeless tobacco, which I thought was sad. I pig-headedly did not want to see that he did not want to get well, and kept trying to find and share different things with him. When I discovered MMS in mid-September I was thrilled, as I knew this was "it".

10-2-07 The MMS arrived, and I made a one-drop dose for each of us, using lemon juice as the activator since I don't have the citric acid yet.. Willie got sleepy and went back to bed, and I went to see Linda and have tea and help her with her new beading thread. Went to pick up the citric acid and it wasn't there so did a little shopping and came home.

Found Willie awake and that he had written me the following dramatic email:

"Beware !!!

"Within 3 hours of taking this stuff , "mms ",
carefully "administered ", just one drop in a glass of
water, I woke up out of a very sound sleep with a pain
that can best be described as a knife being inserted
,then twisted way down deep under the stomach area ,
and a really nice set of shooting pains from "dire rear"
, along with a very nauseas feeling of everything
coming up that may still be left inside .


This from just one drop!! I asked him if he was still nauseous and he said yes, so I gave him 1/4 teaspoon (= 1000 mg) of  Vitamin C in the form of C-Salts in 4 oz water, which deactivated the MMS in his body and he felt a little better in about 15 minutes, but still not hungry.

Meanwhile, I called Adam and after gaining permission to ask him for advice, read him the letter. He is the one on the CD interviewing Jim Humble. In our conversation he told me that a few days ago he recorded a second conversation with Mr. Humble in which JH said, "If someone is really sick, they should start with one drop, but if they are really, REALLY sick, they should start with half a drop." Adam and I worked out how to do that: make the dose, and pour half of it off (into my glass, in this case), then add plain water to make half a cup, maybe diluting it more yet.

I told Adam that as a medical intuitive I've never been able to "see" cancer in the body, but since shifting my focus to the idea that cancer is a fungus, I am seeing it, and in Willie I'm seeing it in places (common bile duct, pancreas, spleen, colon) the doctor didn't know about or hadn't looked yet, or didn't bother to mention, or was saving for later. And I admit that I didn't know or didn't want to know how very sick he is. Adam said he is holding energy for both of us because there is power in that, and, "We'll get well together," which made me cry.

10-3-07 Gave Willie, with much fanfare, half a drop in the morning after breakfast. There was no reaction. In the evening I increased his dose to one drop, which I gave him after dinner. No nausea, no cramps. Taking it with food seemed to be a good thing. Says he feels like his kidneys are plugged up, but I noticed that he did not sleep all day as he did yesterday, and had enough strength to poke fun at me and make a few jokes. He also had energy to go and work on a project for several hours in the yard, including trying to help our son with his well. I explained (again) that the nausea and diarrhea that he may experience is from the body wisely wishing to eliminate dislodged toxins and dead pathogens, including, we hope, dead cancer cells. If the theory is right, an immune system enhanced by chlorine dioxide will be killing cancer (fungus) cells and eliminating their remains.

It seems to me that the intense reaction he had on the first dose is a testament to the strength of his basic constitution, that it is still able to participate in detoxing itself. I hunch that most other people with as much "cancer" as I now am seeing in his body would be bedridden by now, and near death.

10-4-07 Willie had 2 drops AM and 3 drops PM. He had a lot more energy today and a great attitude. Some back pain and I gave him a rubdown in the evening.

10-5-07 I gave him 4 drops this morning and used water to carry it as usual, and he took one sip and said it gave him pain and he wasn't taking any more at least for now. When I tried to explain again about the body getting rid of the dislodged waste products and dead bacteria, he said he didn't care. Then he went and took some Tylenol 3. Then he left for the desert for the winter and refused to take the MMS with him. Yesterday I told him I didn't think he was in any shape to travel as he was unsteady on his feet, has developed a marked tremor such that he needs 2 hands to operate the mouse, and was in pain, and asked him to stay home a few more days and give the MMS time to make some inroads on his illness. I feel sad and am trying to hold a positive thought in denial of the sense that I won't see my husband again in this life.

May 23, 2008 I drove pell-mell to Yuma in mid-October when it became clear that Willie was declining very rapidly. I had a few weeks with him while he refused all my suggestions and attempts to help him, and he died November 15, 2007, in the very presence of what I am absolutely convinced could have gotten him well: MMS, baking soda, Iodoral, and magnesium.

In discussing this recently with my friend Bob, he reminded me of an item I had shut out of my memory. A few days before Willie left Coos Bay for the last time, he and Bob went to lunch. They were discussing the alternative treatments for cancer that Willie had been finding on the internet. At one point, Willie said, "Bob, what do you think I should do?" and Bob replied, "I think you should do exactly what Nancy suggests, because she knows more than anyone I know." Willie instantly changed the subject. End of topic. While this breaks my heart, it shows that you have zero control over another person's decisions. You have to respect their wishes no matter how hard it may be or how much you may know.

It's easy for me to deal with a patient. Here are your choices, you decide. So much harder when it's someone you love. I wanted him to make the choice that would keep him with me. I guess that was selfish. I discounted some things Willie had told me which pointed to what agony living was for him. I thought, if he could just get well, he would be happy.

I told Adam that I wanted to make sure to stay away from the Unreachable and the Unteachable, too painful. He said that unreachable and unreachable is a choice. Thanks, Adam. That makes it easier to understand, if not more bearable.


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10-2-07 My first dose, one drop, 1/8 t lemon juice, wait 3 minutes, add 1/2 cup alkaline water, drink. I'm afraid of throwing up, which is why I'm starting with only one drop. I don't think I'm sick but I know I have work to do. About 20 min after the dose I felt a warmth in my gut below the stomach, nothing else. I'm relieved. Tomorrow 2 drops, the next day the world. LOL

10-3-07 This morning I had one drop plus the half drop I poured off of Willie's glass, and 2 drops in the evening, both after food. The bowel seemed a little stirred up, and elimination was good. No nausea or cramping. I noticed the pain in my left knee seemed less, wondered if I was making it up. I was a little irritable and impatient, which I've always taken as a detox sign.

I am having a paradigm shift, a major reorganization of my reality as I listen to the two conversations of Adam with Jim Humble. The low-oxygen condition of everybody, which I've been harping on for 15 years and trying to address with nutrition, now looks to me to be the basis of everything that ails us, and Jim Humble's protocol with MMS seems a pre-nutrition necessity to correct it. Without a functioning immune system, we can't hope to make much impact with nutrition, even with so-called "immune boosters". This is a revelation. As with all my paradigm shifts, now that I have it, it seems like, "Well, duh!!" I have been skipping step one and focusing on step two. I feel this is another part of the breakthrough I've been anticipating. This paradigm shift feels similar to the one I experienced in 2005 when I learned about Matrix Energetics and EFT.

I must get these ideas on the website, to spread this ripple of understanding to others.

10-4-07 Took 3 drops AM and 4 drops PM, in water. slight temporary queasiness.

10-5-07 Took 5 drops both AM and PM. Small amount of diarrhea an hour after the PM dose. I've switched to apple juice as a carrier and it is much more tolerable. The label on the quart-size frozen apple juice concentrate from Cash & Carry says that it is NOT a significant source of several things including vitamin C. It is the only one I've found either bottled or frozen that does not have added vitamin C. Even if it only says "apple juice" in the contents, look at the nutrition list. If it says 100% or 120% Daily Value of vitamin C, it has C added to it, and will inactivate the MMS.

Note about juice: Cash & Carry doesn't have this brand of juice any more. However, I did find that Albertson's and Safeway both carry a fresh apple juice in either the produce or the juice aisle, that does not have Vitamin C added.

My left knee mostly did not bother me today.

10-6-07 Woke up hungry at 6 AM. Ate yogurt and Seeds of Rebellion and took 5 drops MMS. Sat well. 7 PM, took 6 drops according to the protocol and experienced a little queasiness for about 15 minutes. I can't decide if  I like it better with or without food. I've stopped counting the drops of citric acid. Used a quarter teaspoon for the doses today.

10-7-07 Took 7 drops in the morning and none in the evening; too sleepy. I notice I am sleeping deeper. Loose stool at noon. My left knee and shoulder are pain free today, though I still can't alternate feet going downstairs.

10-8-07 Took 7 drops AM and 8 drops PM, per protocol. I'm still getting just a bit of queasiness but it goes away within 15 minutes or so. I've decided I like it better with food.

10-9-07 Took 9 drops this AM. Ate a piece of toast. Queasy crampy tummy. No diarrhea; however, I think I'm moving too fast. I am going to take 9 drops a day for a few days until I even out. Planning to work up to 15 drops twice a day and stay there for a month.

I am not having to baby the knee when I stand up because it just doesn't hurt. I feel "well", and the tired feeling I used to get in the afternoon, even with Iodoral, has been absent for 2 days. Wish Willie would give it a longer trial.

I think it's important to drink lots of water with this, and take vitamin C in between doses. It seems to me that MMS is a natural alkalizer, and we can help it along by eating more alkaline-forming foods, particularly deep green leafy stuff.

10-10-07 I find myself with an aversion to taking the MMS this morning, almost but not quite overriding my wish to get all the viruses, fungi, molds, parasites, and pathogenic bacteria, ALL the "bad guys" OUT of my body. I will eat first, then take 9 drops per protocol.

10-11-07 Nine drops per protocol. No adverse effects today at all. One thing I've noticed is that when I wake up in the morning my mouth feels and tastes clean, not sour any more. This was unexpected. I believe it means I have dumped (er-- literally) a load of bacteria from my body. Onward and upward, or, as James Thurber would say, "Excelsior!!"

10-12-07 I'm doing 9 drops twice today. I'm making up the apple juice mentioned above, that has NO Vitamin C added, a little stronger than recommended to mask the taste of the activated MMS, and adding a little cranberry concentrate to it.

10-13-07 10 drops twice today. Nothing unusual.

10-14-07 11 drops in the morning. None in evening, just too busy and got too late.

10-15-07 Did not take MMS today. Packing for Yuma. This afternoon I noticed that my palms, which have been itching followed by peeling, pretty continuously for more than ten years, seem to be stopping that. Stay tuned.

10-16-07 11 drops AM. 12 drops PM

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5-23-08 Well, as you know by now if you started at the top of the page, Willie is gone.

1-20-2010 I am using MMS transdermally. I made up a 50% solution of citric acid and am activating MMS with 5 drops of each. I, like many people I've spoken to, simply can not tolerate taking it internally, so I place a little DMSO on my skin, varying the site, and apply the activated MMS. I do not experience any nausea or vomiting. I have not been ill at all since starting MMS, except for a 2-day bug last week.

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