Willie, My Beloved, God's Gift

My Beloved, May I Never Take You For Granted!
Two happy people!! At last I found you!!

October the First, 2004

I join with you in Sweet Accord for life,
with the Highest as Ruler,
and with Love, Loyalty, and Friendship
the theme of our union.
I will be by your side
at all times fair or foul,
and support you in your life's aims.
In all decisions I agree
to abide by the Highest Thought
whoever has it first.
I will offer you shelter
from the storms of life
and celebrate the sunny times.
I will comfort you in sickness
and work alongside you
to bring about our mutual goals.
May I never take you for granted.

With this ring I thee wed,
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
to share our fortunes
whether great or small,
and always
to love, honor, cherish, and obey,
until death do us part.

Willis K. Riehle & Nancy Adams


One Year

Yesterday it's a year since
You drove in my driveway
Wearing that smile

This morning I awoke in your arms
And with you
Tracing my face
with a fingertip

Sweet surrender

c Nancy Riehle 2005



Fly Free, My Friend




Willis K. Riehle, beloved husband of Nancy Adams, sailed off on permanent vacation on the balmy evening of November 15, 2007, from Yuma, Arizona, the couple's winter home. He had been engaging a human experience since March 9, 1945.

He was accompanied by helpers on all sides guiding him to his destination in Focus 27, and freedom from Time and Space. When his wife had suggested, a few days prior to sailing, that hiding of his profound intelligence would be rendered transparent across the Divide, Mr. Riehle wryly agreed to drop the fašade.

His wife, Nancy, waved from the dock for 90 minutes after departure, until his ship was out of sight over the horizon. The couple plan to keep in touch in subspace, unless Mr. Riehle receives a new assignment.

Mrs. Riehle will continue to live in Coos Bay at the couple's summer home.

Mr. Riehle leaves a son, James, who is serving in Iraq, a daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren living in Kansas, and a stepson, Kirwan Fox, who resides in Coos Bay.

He was preceded on vacation by his daughter, Rebecca.

Fly free, my friend.
Let there remain
No loving word unsaid.

~~Nancy Adams

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