Nancy's No-Stix Mix
My answer to Teflon!

Teflon has been getting some bad press lately. Have you ever noticed that over time, your Teflon and non-stick pans begin to show signs of wear? Where do you think all those little flakes ended up after they came off your pan?

That's right!! In your food!! YUCK!!

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think of Teflon as a nutrient.

In fact, if you do some research you'll find out that all those non-stick coatings are Teflon in one form or another. NO, THANKS! I say No, Thanks, to aluminum pans, too.

Here's a safe alternative that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on. Forget all those fancy non-stick sprays that cost so much and make you cough when you use them. Do you really want to spray the inside of your lungs with a non-stick (impervious to everything) coating? Not me!!

Go over to the health food store and buy a bottle of liquid lecithin. Lecithin is a product of soy bean oil manufacture, and it is the main ingredient in the non-stick sprays* etc.

Take a little jelly jar with a good lid, say 8 oz size. Pour in about 3 oz of the liquid lecithin and 3 oz of your favorite oil. I use olive oil. Stir until well mixed. It's ready to use!!

Take a good basting brush (or one of those cheap bristle brushes that are 47 cents or so at Home Depot) and dip it into your jar of No-Stix Mix. It doesn't take much to coat the bottom of a frying pan or muffin pan, and what about the waffle iron!!?? If you are trying to cut down on fats and oils, this stuff will help.

I use cast iron, and I have a little Wagner pan that I like for eggs, but they always stick no matter what I do. With the No-Stix Mix, wow, no more broken yolks or stuck-on stuff. Hubby is happy! And so am I at dishwashing time. I'm giving it for Christmas this year!

You can get a whole pint of liquid lecithin for about $5.00.

Update!! 5-15-05

Corinne saw this page and sent me her method, which she kindly gave me permission to post here:

"I take a flip top bottle, and first of all, put 1 / 3 oil in the bottom.  Most important so you can shake it after.  THEN put in the 2 / 3 part liquid lecithin, and shake well.  I put a few squiggles in the bottom of a casserole, in a pan, or on a spatula, or whatever.  Then I take a paper towel and smear it all over.  I have shared this with so many friends, and it sure beats (that spray stuff)* which to me looks like shaving cream, YUCK!"

*Trademarked brand name removed so I don't get sued by the Pam people.

Corinne, I love your method!

All the best for good health!!


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