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The Greatest Health Secret

The greatest American medical Genius was Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) from Harvard University. He was also father of the greatest American Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Dr Holmes stated before he died:

"Hygiene will always remain the most important discovery in medical history"

No one listened, and disease continued to rage across the USA with an average lifespan of ~ 39years. Dr. Holmes enforced hand washing and hygiene in his son Oliver and when Oliver Jr. was on the Supreme Court at 92 years of aging in splendid intellectual condition, all the other Justices marveled. Justice Holmes replied my father taught me the vital importance of hygiene, despite my many objections at the time.

Today 99% of Americans have poor personal hygiene and fail to understand.

Eternal Healthy Secret

Only one section of the health history of the world shines above all others; that will always remain Hygiene. Consider the cave man had wonderful exercise, fresh air, no pollution, plenty of nutrients, wide diet, calorie restriction, early to bed, no modern-day stress, yet a lifespan of 19 years. One hundred & fifty years ago the average life span in the USA and Europe was only 38 years. Today in Japan the average person can expect to reach 90 in sound health with a good mind. The magic is Hygiene, and super hygiene will help you achieve maximum lifespan that may exceed 125 years.

Today, in the 21 st century we realize that hygiene is still in its infancy. Proof of this is the average 6 respiratory infections per year/per person, plus scores of sub-clinical infections, constant skin problems, allergies, diarrhea, tooth decay, arthritis, heart disease, immune mayhem problems, eyes infections, and reproductive problems. All of these stresses and most of all health problems have a link to sub–optimal hygiene. Even inherited diseases can be prevented from becoming manifest via attention to optimal hygiene. Further to improve your hygiene is totally without side effects.

In the beginning of the year 2006, more than 98% of humans will not, every day, clean their fingernails properly, clean their eyes and front of the nasal passage way, or bathe in solutions that clean deep into their skin and ensure the natural bio-electric skin currents achieve optimal voltage and distribution throughout the body to ensure optimal natural body repair.

The results of practicing Super Hygiene are numerous and long-lasting. Science and education identifies in recent years that colds and respiratory, ear, nose and throat infections can be reduced to a level never before thought possible simply by washing the hands more often and properly. Because as we now know “Germs do not fly, they hitchhike”. Cleanliness is scientifically next to Godliness. It is a new awakening to realize that one has not been truly clean, even in this modern age.

Read through Dr. Kenneth Seaton's compelling and amazing research and you will be awakened to a new life in which you can control your health without the need for expensive drugs. You will also understand that your bodies are designed to repair themselves, even in old age and from major damage and disease. Regardless of your particular health concern, you will experience remarkable satisfaction by raising your hygiene to Super Hygiene. This concept is known as “smart aging or beauty with age”.

After twenty years of research by Dr. Seaton, the Optimal Hygiene product line presents Super Soap, Facial Dip, and Regeneration Bath Ions. Just take a bath every night, go to bed early, facial dip in the mornings and wash your hands consistently throughout the day with Super Soap—exciting results will happen naturally .

Optimal Hygiene—A Standard of Personal Care

Life, Health and Longevity are the benefits of advanced hygiene and the most practical, common sense discovery. Optimal Hygiene is a simple yet remarkable breakthrough in the area of immune malfunction and a support for smart aging.

Part of the human condition is a frequent contact of the fingernails with the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Amazingly even the common cold is spread this way not by coughing or sneezing. The basic cause of stress, chronic infection and inflammation is due to sub-optimal hygiene.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is more complex than other organs. It is the major organ of the immune system and shows the most obvious signs of aging. You are as old as your immune system, thus you are as old as your skin. Beauty is skin deep!

Better hygiene eliminates the conditions necessary for disease to take place or what causes or allows a disease to thrive.

"The most technologically correct idea I have ever come across concerning immunity and to slow aging." Dr. Labar

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