Oxygen and Exercise
with Gratitude to the late Dr. Manfred von Ardenne of Dresden, author of Oxygen Multistep Therapy

(Excerpt from a letter to a colleague, approx. February, 2009) ...What have I seen? Too many to mention, and remember, first of all "cure" belongs to the AMA and they're testy about others using it, and secondly, that the bodymind is more than just take this stuff and be all better. That's THEIR way, and in my opinion isn't at all valid or viable. There are so many variables.

For example, does the person want to get well, at core? Of course everyone will say, "Certainly I want to get well, you idiot. Why would I come to you if I didn't?" But some, like my late husband, really don't. Too, I've seen those who truly want to and don't think they can. They have bought the medical trance, from which as you know it is so hard to awaken. The defeatist attitude with which they try everything tells you it's over before they start. Others who want to and think they can have no support from anyone around them.
In the spring of 1998, Arthur was carried into my house in Florida by his son and daughter, unable to stand or walk on his own, speak, or even sit up straight. He would not make eye contact. He was 80, had had a stroke. I asked him if he wanted to live or die. He glanced up at me and shrugged. The kids (well, they were in their 40's) were horrified that I would talk that way. They looked at each other, murmuring. I said, "Look. I may have only one opportunity to exchange the truth with your dad in conversation." They shut up. I worked with Arthur for one hour with oxygen and exercise. At the end of that time he was laughing and making jokes with me, and walked out of my house under his own power. Shaking off the kids' offered helping hands.
When John, the son, made the appointment, I had told him I would want to see Arthur every day for ten days in a row, and after that, if we had good results, he was to set up a system at home for his father, and we would talk about supplements. He agreed to everything and I cleared my schedule for that hour for the ten days, including the weekend.

At the end of the first appointment, I walked them to the car. I said, "Well, we're off to a good start. I will see you tomorrow." John said, "Um, ah, well, er, we have to go to the doctor tomorrow, we might be able to make it next week." Like he was doing ME a favor!! Can't you just see the smoke coming out of my ears?

They came the next week. Of course, Arthur had lost everything he gained in the first session, refused to cooperate any further. I was sad for him because he had no real support. And I was furious with his dope of a son who was more spooked by Arthur suddenly functioning again than he had been by the fear his father would die. His affect shifted from, "God, what if he dies?" to "God, what if he lives?" I was disgusted, and clearly, so was Arthur.

John called me a few weeks later, a couple of times, begging me for help for his father who was by then dying. I read him the riot act both times and refused further involvement.


Second Opinion Newsletter sells a book about this, promoting what they call EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy). This book, originally written by William Campbell Douglass, Jr., and now reattributed to Robert Rowen, is based on the work of Dr. Manfred von Ardenne, who wrote a medical textbook (see top of page) about his findings from 25 years of research in Germany. For the real story on EWOT, I recommend going to the source. Oxygen and Exercise is about much, much more than just feeling more energetic and slowing the aging process.

Another good resource is Ed McCabe's book, Flood Your Body With Oxygen. I have a few copies, $15. ppd.

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